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graphics... from scratch.

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Welcome to graphics_school!

So, you've got Photoshop, you're all ready to make beautiful graphics and you don't even know how to open it. That's where graphics_school comes in. Here you will find regular lessons to walk you through learning to use the different aspects of Photoshop - from cropping and resizing an image to sweeping the board at icon contests.

Still curious? Clicky.
I'm wastedfairy. You can find my icon journal at fairy_icon, if you are so inclined. I started this community because I want to offer fledgling iconmakers the simple tutorials I craved when I was starting out. In no way do I think that I'm the best iconmaker online - I'm not - but I know a fair bit, and I want to share what I know with you. I had to learn the hard way, and it took - literally - years. My aim is for it to take you a lot less.
I'm the only person able to post here, so breaking rules is going to be difficult. So, I'll keep it simple - don't piss me off. Feel free to ask questions, but any trolling, flaming or asshattery will get you banned, stat.
I made this awesome icon. Can I submit a tutorial of it?
Nope. Head over to icon_tutorial or iconschool for that.

Can I get posting access?
Nope. This is a one-girl-show, baybee.

I use a different programme to Photoshop. Can you post tutorials for it?
Nope. I use Photoshop, I don't know how to use another programme. I don't really have time to learn. If you're using PSP or another version of Photoshop, it should be translatable.

OMG! I used this effect and you totally dissed it in your latest post! Why do you hate me?
It's not personal. But if I diss an effect, it's cos it's ugly. F'real.

More? Read the Q&A and submit questions here.
Insert This community is created as a resource for fledgling iconmakers. It is not intended to be patronising, I am simply trying to cover everything. Not all the lessons will be suitable for you - that's fine. Just hold out, and I'm sure you'll find something in here to help you out. Remember the cardinal rule, kids.

Don't piss me off.

All graphics by wastedfairy unless otherwise stated. Layout codes by lastbut1supper.