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Welcome to graphics_school. I am your mod, wastedfairy. Let me explain a little bit to you about my intentions for this community.

Livejournal is all about icons.

If it were high school, the iconmakers would be the popular kids. Which is kind of ironic, really, as they're also the art geeks, and if Mean Girls taught me anything (other than that Lindsay Lohan looks way better with a bit of meat on her bones and Amanda Seyfried is the cutest thing ever) it is that art geeks are the unpopular kids.

Which is why LJ is awesome.

So, you want to be one of the good iconmakers? I'm going to try and show you how. When I first got an LJ, three years ago, I sucked. My first icons were made on MSPaint, and they sucked. Now, I'm not claiming to be the best of the best - I'm not, and there's a lot about graphics that I'm still learning. But I'm proficient, and it's my aim to make you proficient too.

The posts in this community will be a series of lessons, just like a school (hence the name). The first deals with the ultimate basics - opening Photoshop, starting a new document. The next, shows you how to make a very simple icon. Gradually, over the coming weeks I will show you how to use various different aspects of Photoshop. I will endeavour to explain everything. Anything you don't understand? Ask me.

The aim of this place is to go with you, from the beginning. To show you exactly what to do, with no complicated lingo, no jibes at your lack of knowledge, no criticism at your graphics skill (unless you ask for it).

Sites like icon_tutorial are awesome - they taught me a lot, and they'll teach you too. But for a complete and utter graphics newbie, it'll confuse the hell out of you. This place... shouldn't.

Now, are you sitting comfortably? Then let's begin...
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